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Lisa Allen - eCommerce Merchant and Creator of Page Speed Mechanics

Dear Frustrated Website Owner:

Ever found yourself staring at your ultra-high bounce rate, wondering why the heck your website visitors decided to scamper from your rock-star website?

Ever scratched your head over the mystery of the disappearing customer, who seemed willing to buy your product...only to randomly vanish in the middle of a purchasing process?

What's The Culprit Behind Your Website's Sluggish - And Downright Embarrassing - Conversion Rates?

When you make your living as an Internet Marketer -  or are attempting to - having a bogged-down conversion rate isn't just embarrassing to your reputation as on online entrepreneur...

It's actually stealing money right out of your bank account.

When you find yourself in this sticky situation, you may point the finger at the most probable culprits... things like:

They all sound like reasonable suppositions, don't they?

Well, I'm here to tell you that your sky-high bounce rate, rock-bottom conversion rates and sagging website traffic might not have ANYTHING to do with these culprits.

In fact, the main culprit that could be holding back a gigantic CASCADE of online profit from your website could be something as simple as...

Your website page load SPEED.

Shocked? Perplexed? Confused?
Let the Experts Behind Profit Powerhouses Google, Amazon, and Wal-mart (!)
Clear It Up For You

Assuming that your website's loading speed is the main culprit behind your online marketing's crumbling efforts might feel too simple a solution at first.

You were ready to hear about some overly complicated culprit...

Or a new SEO tactic that you had to integrate into your site...

But your PAGE SPEED?

Could missed sales... slipping traffic, diminished conversion rates... and MONTHS of misery and frustration...

Really boil down to something this simple?

You betcha.

A website's loading time can have a massive impact on a potential customer's buying behavior and the amount of search engine love it receives.

Take a look at the scary but true statistics to see what I mean:

  • 47% of web users expect a website to load in TWO SECONDS or less... and if your website is exceeding this time limit, your buyers are already moving on.
  • 40% of visitors will ABANDON websites that take more than three seconds to load... no matter how awesome the product offer might be.
  • 79% of visitors who are dissatisfied with a website's speed are less likely to EVER come back and buy again... and that means you'll have to spend even MORE money finding new customers.
  • A one-second delay in website loading times can decrease conversion rates (in other words, your hard earned money) by 7% every day.

That means you'll have to work YEARS just to make up for your lost sales over something as benign as your website's loading speed!

Shocked by these statistics? You should be...

Because if your website "only" makes $500 a day, and loads in just THREE seconds, you're losing out on (ready for it) a massive
$12,700 PER YEAR.

That means your sluggish website is causing you to miss out on that luxurious trip to the Caribbean...

Or paying your kid's college tuition for the semester...

Or paying down your credit card debt...

Or just cushioning your bank account so you don't feel like you're one emergency  away from total and complete bankruptcy.

Need More Proof? Take a Look at What Google, Amazon, and Yahoo! Have To Say About This Issue:

Powerhouse search engine Google is sick and tired of dealing with websites that take four or even eight seconds to load (hel-lo, the 90s want their loading times back).

With the increasing domination of mobile devices, tablets, high-power computers and lightening-fast Internet speeds, website visitors are getting seriously impatient with slow websites...

And Google is listening.

Even before the latest "Mobile friendly" update is taken into account, Google is already giving a high-ranking weight in their algorithm formula to page load time because of their focus  on user experience.

Google has now stated that they consider site speed in the rankings of a website. From the Google Webmaster Central Blog:

"You may have heard that here at Google, we're obsessed with speed; in our products and on the web. As part of that effort, today we're including a new signal in our search engine algorithm: site speed."

Those Google experts certainly put their money where their mouth is...

A Study by LightSpeed showed that by making a website faster, Google would respond by sending on average, 15% more traffic to that website. The same results were shown for both Bing and Yahoo.

The Name of the Game is SPEED...
And If You Want Your Website To Be Successful, You Need To Play To Win

Running a successful online marketing business is no easy feat. With so many pieces of the puzzle to manage, you need your online empire to run like a well-oiled machine...

But if your website is running at super-slow speeds, it doesn't matter how many advanced SEO tactics, Manhattan-worthy ad copy, and revolutionary product offers you have on tap.

In the end, would-be customers won't even bother to stick around to see what you're offering if your website takes forever to load.

So if your website's loading time is reminiscent of the days of AOL dial-up..

If your website's bounce rates are high, and you can't find any logical explanation for the phenomenon...

Or even if you just want to try a new technique to improve your website's conversion rates and traffic...

It's Time To Kick Your Website's Speed Into Overdrive With My Innovative
"Page Speed Mechanics":

A Crazy-Simple Course That Completely Outlines EVERY STEP You Should Take To Rev Up Your Website's Loading Speeds!

Page Speed Mechanics is an innovative and comprehensive video course that completely de-mystifies the process of skyrocketing your website's loading speeds. Every single step of the process is completely outlined for you - and no matter what your current IT knowledge, I GUARANTEE you can do this.

Page Speed Mechanics is a necessary component for any online marketer who wants to knock down those bounce rate numbers, increase their conversion rates and traffic, and start seeing a raging torrent of online income cascading into their bank accounts.

It's also the perfect video course for online entrepreneurs who need to see an increase in their conversion rates in mere HOURS... not months.

Page Speed Mechanics contains in-depth modules, almost two dozen checklists, three MASSIVE training bonus sections, a MindMap video, and PDF transcripts that you can take anywhere.

But before I get ahead of myself, let me outline exactly why this video course will reveal how you can TRIPLE your conversion rates almost overnight.

Each Video Module in Page Speed Mechanics Is Designed To:

  • Completely eliminate the weeks... even months... you might spend desperately attempting to discover the culprit behind your low conversion rates, sky high bounce rates and flat-lining traffic.
  • Deliver the kind of instant results you can measure in real reduced page load times. That means you won't have to guess if these strategies worked or not, because they'll be right there in front of you thanks to Page Speed Mechanics.
  • Help you be more self-sufficient in managing the success of your website. You won't have to constantly call up your IT guy to ask for help with your site - because you'll already be riding the wave of online success with Page Speed Mechanics.
  • Deliver better conversions and salves from having a faster site, as well as better Google rankings and traffic. Page Speed Mechanics is like strapping your website in a Lamborghini - and your page loading times will be shattered by breakneck speeds!

In addition to these benefits, Page Speed Mechanics is designed to teach you the kind of techniques you won't find anywhere else. There's no other video course like this out there...

And considering just how crucial your website's loading speeds are to your online success, you can't afford to pass up this one-of-a-kind opportunity.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll discover in Page Speed Mechanics:

Eight Modules With 21 Detailed Step-By-Step Videos and PDF Checklists That Will TRANSFORM Your Website's Conversion Rates & Traffic
(Worth $497)

Module 1 - The Cold Hard Truth

Checklist #1.1 - Why Page Speed Matters

In this video, you are going to learn why the speed of your site can rob you of your Google rankings and traffic, drive away your customers and kill your website conversions.

Module 2 - Find Out How Your Site Stacks Up

Checklist #2.1 - How Fast Is Your Site?

In this video, you'll discover all the FREE tools you will use to measure your site's speed, and find out what YOU should work on to make your site faster. This includes page-speed checklists to record your site's most important speed metrics, which will give you the before and after results of your changes in plain black and white.

Checklist #2.2 - Speed Destroying Bottlenecks?

In this video, you'll learn where the biggest bottlenecks can occur that cause page speed performance problems for your website.

Module 3 - Reduce The Drag Of Images On Your Site Times

Checklist #3.1 - Smush Those Images!

In this video, you are going to learn how you can "smush images" and eliminate the invisible data that is making your image files larger and slower to download. Learn how to make your image files MUCH smaller without losing a single pixel of quality.

Checklist #3.2 - Choose the Best Image Formats

In this video, you'll learn how to choose which format to save your images in and how to get the best image quality for the smallest file sizes. get ready to become an image format expert after this video - because you'll absolutely LOVE how it changes the speed of your website.

Checklist #3.3 - Image Dimensions

In this video, you'll learn the right way to embed an image in your pages so your visitors will see your webpage render on their screen as fast as possible. This is one thing a lot of people screw up on their websites because they don't know any better or don't know how to find the image size easily. You'll laugh when you see how easy it is to get this right.

Checklist #3.4 - Serve Scaled Images

In this video, you'll learn how to properly size your images to make them the smallest and fastest possible downloads.

Checklist #3.5 - Combine Images Into CSS Sprites

In this video, you'll learn what a CSS Sprite is, and some easy ways you can create and use them on your site to reduce the number of browser requests needed to load your pages. Learn how Google, Amazon, and other sites with IT budgets bigger than yours cope with these tiny thieves, and how you can do the same on the cheap.

Module 4 - Caching To Slash Download & Page Processing Time

Checklist #4.1 - Turning On Browser Caching

In this video, you'll learn how to speed up site load times by FORCING your visitor's browser to keep copies of your webpages.

Checklist #4.2 - Setting Up Server Caching

In this video, you'll learn how to improve your page download times using server-side caching of your pages. This is a complicated issue to master on your own... but this video will make it ridiculously easy.

Module 5 - Solve Database Bottlenecks

Checklist #5.1 - Database Optimization

In this video, you'll learn how to optimize your database and keep your content management system fast and light to keep your site loading quickly. Not technical? Don't worry - I'll give you a simple plugin that will completely de-mystify this process.

Checklist #5.2 - Cleaning Up Extra Post Revisions

In this video, you'll learn how to get rid of database-bloating content you no longer need, which will free up your website to work at the speed of light.

Module 6 - WP Configuration Optimization

Checklist #6.1 - Minimize Plugins

In this video, you'll learn how you can improve your site download times by minimizing plugins. Plugins can make sites like WordPress and many other content manage systems customizable-- but they can also make your site a lumbering behemoth of code that couldn't outrun molasses downhill on a subzero day. Learn how to pick the right plugins, and compare plugins based on page speed impact.

Checklist #6.2 - Resource Hogging Themes

In this video, you'll learn how your choice of a theme may make your site slower or faster, and how you can test your theme to find out if you should switch themes. In the beta version of this training, one of my students found out his theme alone was responsible for a two-second delay in page load times... could yours be causing slow load times and high bounce rates too?

Checklist #6.3 - Minimizing Widgets

In this video, you'll learn how to speed up your website response times and achieve higher conversions by minimizing the number of widgets. Learn how to pick the right widgets, and why your visitors will actually buy MORE stuff if you have less widget clutter going on.

Module 7 - File Compression

Checklist #7.1 - Compressing Webpages With GZip

In this video, you'll learn how to use Gzip and Deflate to make your webpages smaller and faster to download. Smaller files just load faster, and your webpages can actually become a LOT smaller without losing a single scrap of data. But this feature is often turned OFF by your ISP by default. Learn how to activate this feature on your website, no matter what CMS you are using.

Checklist #7.2 - Minify CSS and Javascript Files

In this video, you'll learn how to decrease download times for your HTML and CSS files on your website by making them smaller using minification. You can also use one simple trick to drastically decrease the size of your Javascripts and stylesheets.

Module 8 - Reducing Requests

Checklist #8.1 - Externally Hosted Social Buttons

In this video, you'll learn how to determine if your social buttons are slowing down your site, and what your options are to fix the problem if they are. Every website that wants to get any kind of traffic needs a social presence, but is your choice of sharing buttons killing your page load times? there are some slower than a snail services you should avoid, and here's how to tell which ones they are.

Checklist #8.2 - Combining CSS Files

In this video, you'll learn how to reduce the number of requests needed to load your pages by combining multiple CSS style sheets into one. Every plugin and theme as it's own CSS and Javascript files. For example, if you have 20 plugins installed on your site, you could easily have 30-40 extra files that need downloading separately before the browser can even start creating the page see. But there's a way to get all of those much faster and still have your website look great.

Checklist #8.3 - DNS Lookups vs. Parallel Downloads

In this video, you'll learn how to get more files downloaded simultaneously using a couple of simple naming tricks.

Checklist #8.4 - Unnecessary Redirects

In this video, you'll learn how unnecessary redirects slow down your website load times. you will also learn how to check your site for these speed slaying redirects, and how to fix them if your site is affected.

In addition to these modules and checklist videos, you'll receive a MindMap video and accompanying PDF transcripts that completely sum up all the important points for you. This means you won't even have to take notes...

You just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the feeling that comes with knowing in just mere hours, you'll complete eliminate the technical roadblocks that are preventing your website from becoming wildly successful.

Two Bonus Training Sessions That Accelerate Your New Conversion Rate & Traffic Boosting Knowledge - (Worth $247)

In these two bonus training sessions, you'll learn how to set up a content delivery network in six minutes (seriously, it's less time than brewing a cup of coffee) and how to get automated page speed enhancements through Google's gift to website owners, Mod Page Speed.

A Bonus Webinar So Secret, I Won't Even Reveal What You'll Learn Here... (Worth $277)

And access to PDF checklists of all the videos you'll find in my one-of-a-kind Page Speed Mechanics!

This is an incredible course for a very specific reason: it completely addresses a facet of SEO success that no one else on the Internet is talking about right now.

Let me give it to you plain and simple: If you want to ensure that your conversion rate is as high as possible and Google sends you as MUCH organic TRAFFIC as possible, you need Page Speed Mechanics...

Because you're not going to find these essential techniques ANYWHERE ELSE!

Here's What My Students Have Been Saying About
My Value-Packed Page Speed Training

Excellent video Lisa. My site was one of the sites that took a major hit from Penquin. I had it very over optimized. I went in and restructured the links to be more natural and I dropped my keywords so they only appear a few times on each page.

I had been working on my site speed as well, a few weeks ago. After watching your video I went in again and disabled some plugins and got my page load speed from 6.7 [seconds] down to 3.63 [seconds] which is a good start...

Brian Hawthorn 
Mark Brinker 

Great info. thank you for sharing this. I modified my .htaccess file with your recommendations and my page speed score went from 72% to 89%

When I saw the subject of your email I became very interested because it is exactly what I need.

My site is way too slow and despite attempts to find solutions, I did not get anywhere. I tried outsourcing the job of speeding up my website but I mostly just get quotes for hugely expensive SEO packages back. So your videos are perfect for me, exactly what I need.

Shama Kern
Cindi Peery

Thanks Lisa for the tutorials! You helped me increase my [page] speed exponentially!

Thanks Lisa! This is just what the doctor ordered. :) And thanks for explaining everything so simply :)

Michael Finlayson
Dave Kendrick

Hi Lisa, thanks for these great tips :-) I have a site with SBI (Ken Envoy's Site Built It) which as it turns out has a page load time of under 3 seconds!

But my three WordPress blogs are extremely slow -  up to 12 seconds. Who'da a thought it! I had no idea [...]

I now have A's across the board (97% & 93%) and my page load time is 1.64 seconds

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It really is as simple as that.

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It's that simple!

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Page Speed Mechanics

I look forward to seeing you on the other side of Page Speed Mechanics!

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Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen

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